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    Do I really need a high volume of likes and followers for my SoundCloud account?

    December 16, 2015 - Author: webmaster

    In trying to build a high profile presence on SoundCloud, SoundCloud Likes, Plays and Followers are a crucial component. All of these will draw other users to your page while creating a buzz. Sadly, even on a high traffic site like SoundCloud, it may take some time to build up a substantial number of SoundCloud Followers and Likes.

    However, there are websites from which you can buy SoundCloud Followers for a reasonable rate. These sites add followers to your account according to the package your purchase. This can bolster your account in a matter of moments. You also have the option to buy SoundCloud Likes for your SoundCloud audio content. Likes will get people talking about your brand, music, service or product.

    You simply need to take a few minutes to ensure that the site from which you are purchasing likes and followers promises that they only add 100% authentic SoundCloud Likes and Followers. Also never give out your SoundCloud password. This is a red flag that the website is not reputable. A trustworthy site will never compromise the safety and integrity of your account. Purchasing SoundCloud Followers and Likes is a good investment, but make certain you are using a legitimate site!

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    Dreams Can Come True with SoundCloud

    September 9, 2015 - Author: webmaster

    My dream is to work for the music industry so I am always checking out new artists and my favorite online “venue” is SoundCloud. You can tell how popular an artist is by the number of SoundCloud Followers they have (but I always like the “underdog” so I spend my time giving SoundCloud Likes to both local and new musicians).

    It’s a great social networking sites for aspiring artists to get their name out there. I am planning on attending some live shows in the next few weeks in the hopes of meeting some of my local favorites in person, can’t hurt to get MY name out there!

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    SoundCloud Virgin

    September 8, 2015 - Author: webmaster

    So I just checked out SoundCloud for the first time, it’s actually pretty cool. You can hear the latest by all your favorite artists as well as discover new music…underground artists, garage bands, your favorite local artists, they’re all there! It’s free to listen but you can create a profile and upload limited content for free.

    A lot of my favorite artists are on there and they have a TON of SoundCloud Likes. And some of my favorite local bands as well, I made sure to give them all SoundCloud Likes so they would get noticed. Not a bad way to unwind after work and check out the online music scene!

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    Finding new music is easier than you think

    September 4, 2015 - Author: webmaster

    I work from home so I am always online. I like to listen to music while I work so I spend a lot of time on SoundCloud. It’s a social media site for musicians as well as music-lovers. You can create a basic profile and check out new music and SoundCloud Plays as well.

    If you like an artist, simply become a SoundCloud Followers on their page. If you like just one or two songs by a group, simply give that song a SoundCloud Likes. It’s free for a basic profile and very user-friendly. Check it out today and see what new music you discover!

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    The Best Way to Use Promoted Tweets

    August 22, 2015 - Author: webmaster

    Currently, twitter has more than 100 million users and generates more than 1.6 billion search queries per day. Based on this finding, many business owners are finding promoted tweets to be a lucrative advertisement option. The promise, with this advertisement option, is to reach high engaged and quality, massive audience. However, inappropriate use of this advertisement option will not generate the desired results.  As opposed to auto retweet services, you will need a strategy to succeed with promoted tweets.

    Post Quality Content

    If you have decided to use promoted tweets, you need to ensure that you post content that is of high quality, is informative and inspirational. Additionally, you have to ensure that the content you post is not sales oriented.  Again, you have to remember that starting promoted tweets is the beginning of a long time conversation, thus you have to mind the type of content you post.

    Own a Hashtag

    Using promoted teets is a good way of using hashtags. You should consider owning a new hashtag for your products or an upcoming event. Provided that you have quality content, owning a hashtag will ensure that your content will be share through the hashtag. Additionally, you should use automatic retweet services from the leading providers to further enhance the effectiveness of your promoted tweets.


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    Use Contests to Market Your Brand on Instagram

    July 24, 2015 - Author: webmaster

    When used as marketing tools, contests or competitions can be valuable marketing tools on Instagram. Since its inauguration, many business owners, both small start-up and large corporations, have been using instagram to reach more potential customers and stay in touch with their current clients. In so doing, many entrepreneurs have been relying on auto likes to move their businesses to the next level. In addition to automatic likes, you can also use competitions, in the form of photo contests or video contests, to reach more customers and advertise your brand.

    To take advantage of contests and effectively market your brand, you first have to encourage the participants to follow your account. By so doing, the contest participants will increase your follower base significantly; hence increase the authority and credibility of your brand on Instagram. Additionally, you will need to consider the following things:

    1. Crowd-Shooting/ Crowd-Sourcing

    You have to request users to submit videos or pictures in real time. While doing this, you should come up with a theme that is specific to your brand and the hashtag of the competition should incorporate your brand name. This imprints the brand name in the pictures and helps circulate it for a considerable time to come.

    1. Using A Hashtag

    The hash tags you come up with for your contests must include the name of your brand. You may as well leverage this and request users to register. This will, in turn, increase contacts to your mailing list.

    1. Buy auto likes

    While many business owners may view this as in appropriate, buying auto likes is an important step in marketing your business. This will increase the number of likes and followers on your account, hence make the account more credible to your potential clients.

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    Check Out Twitter and Facebook Activity on One page

    September 12, 2013 - Author: webmaster

    Twitter and Facebook are the two top social networking sites and I have both. I think its fair to say that everyone knows how Facebook works, but let me explain a little about Twitter. With Twitter you get Twitter followers, or you can free instagram followers  and then you simply tweet (which is a post) and get your word out to all your followers! It’s simple and fun and has an enormous impact if you have a lot of followers. Now, I enjoy socializing with friends and family. I also do a lot of work online and I keep my work contacts in both. Can you relate? Well if you can, I have the answer, or the folks at Brizzly does for sure!

    Brizzly allows you to have your Facebook and your Twitter accounts combined, so you access with just a simple click of the mouse, or a simple swipe. You can control what goes on between both accounts, change settings and more. It makes controlling both accounts faster, and easier and it frees you from a lot of hassle of switching back in forth the old way.

    The folks at Brizzly had this to say, “Brizzly works with both Twitter and Facebook, to simplify your browsing and your social networking experience, at the same time bring some exciting extras. It takes to work off your hands and lets you keep up with your friends, trends and everything that you care to know about.” Brizzly then went on the add that they are always in constant motion and will be bring a lot more features and updating current ones.

    So does this sound like something that you may be interested in? I sure was curious, so that’s why I headed on over the, I had to it check out for myself. And I would just like to say that it has simplified and increased my enjoyment of my two social networking sites. It frees me up, by filtering what you do not want and what you do want. It does all the leg work for me! So, I can keep up with what is meaningful to me. So, go on! Head on over and check them out. Combining your two favorite social sites has never been easier, and you will not be disappointed. You will be switching back in forth like a pro, and getting things done faster and easier. Leaving you time for more important things, family and friends.


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    Twitter For Business Marketing

    August 30, 2013 - Author: webmaster

    Most people know about Twitter, the social networking site, and how great it can be for keeping up with friends. What many don’t realize is how effective it can be for marketing ones business. How can twitter be used in this way?

    The key to using Twitter for business marketing is having as many followers as possible. If your business is bound by location, try to get as many people in that area following your tweets as you can. If your business is not brick and mortar based, then zoom in on the types of potential consumers you are looking for. There are many free ways to increase who sees your tweets, so don’t try to Free twitter followers

    When a person begins following another’s tweets, that person often responds with the same courtesy and follows the other’s tweets as well. With that theory in mind, begin following tweets of people who you think could become potential clients. Don’t be afraid to see who is following your competitors and begin following those individuals.

    Twitter can also be used for promotions. Encourage current consumers to follow your tweets and give them incentives for doing so. Many businesses offer secret code words via tweets which act as a passcode for extra discounts. You can also provide giveaways by selecting at random from your current twitter followers. Remember to chart which marketing methods from twitter are the most successful for your business.

    Keep your tweets exciting and frequent. People want to see something new when they check to see what is being tweeted. The more you post the more people see you, and don’t be afraid to ask current followers to retweet your messages. Don’t forget this is all free advertising for your business, and it will add exponentially to those who see your postings.

    Twitter can be great for your business, but not if it isn’t done effectively. When tweeting for your business, personalize your tweets. Generic messages sent to everyone seem insincere and are reminiscent of spam. People will not take the time to read such things.

    Linking people to products for sale needs to be done tactfully. Sending people to look at a blog tends to be a more effective way of pushing traffic toward such sites. Blogs usually contain more detailed information anyway. If you want to build your business and client base, twitter can be a wonderful resource at a next-to-nothing cost, so be sure not to waste the opportunity.





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    Great Usernames Help Gain Followers

    - Author: webmaster

    Using twitter is a lot more interesting and enjoyable when you have a lot of followers, especially when they respond to your tweets. One important idea to Free Twitter Followers is having a good username that will call attention to you and set you apart from the rest. Look at some of the following ideas on selecting a great username for your twitter account.

    Length is important! Just because twitter allows usernames of up to 15 characters doesn’t mean that you need to fill them all. Don’t forget, people who want to retweet your comments need to be able to fit your whole username into the tweet. Lengthier usernames are also more difficult for people to remember and keep track of.

    It’s a good idea to have your username contain at least a portion of your real name. Using your first and last name as your username is great because it makes it easier for followers to remember, but it isn’t always possible, as people sometimes have the same first and surname as others. When that is not possible, try using your first or last name with an adjective that describes you.

    It’s important to try to be unique so that your username shows who you are. Avoid using numbers as this has become a common practice of spammers and can imply that you are spamming.    If you are trying to attract more followers you need to find a username that describes who you are as a person. Sometimes using your hobbies or professions do well to describe you, especially if you are using your twitter account to make professional contacts.

    Many people are now using their usernames as SEO opportunities. This is really quite clever as it can raise your likelihood of being found during web searches. If the twitter account is for your business, include your business name. Include your name as well if you will be the only one with access to the twitter account.

    When making your username with twitter, avoid suggested alternatives to name you’ve tried to use that were already taken. Twitter will suggest a list of usernames that are similar to the one that is already being used, using random numbers and other personal details about yourself, such as your name. These suggestions are almost never edgy enough to attraction attention.

    Don’t use names “out of the blue” either. “CatLover87” may sound great in the three seconds it took you to think of it, but if you’re trying to use your account to teach people about the benefits of organic foods, you’ve lost a great opportunity to attract followers who may be interested in what you have to say.

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