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    Twitter For Business Marketing

    August 30, 2013 - Author: webmaster

    Most people know about Twitter, the social networking site, and how great it can be for keeping up with friends. What many donít realize is how effective it can be for marketing ones business. How can twitter be used in this way?

    The key to using Twitter for business marketing is having as many followers as possible. If your business is bound by location, try to get as many people in that area following your tweets as you can. If your business is not brick and mortar based, then zoom in on the types of potential consumers you are looking for. There are many free ways to increase who sees your tweets, so donít try to†Free twitter followers

    When a person begins following anotherís tweets, that person often responds with the same courtesy and follows the otherís tweets as well. With that theory in mind, begin following tweets of people who you think could become potential clients. Donít be afraid to see who is following your competitors and begin following those individuals.

    Twitter can also be used for promotions. Encourage current consumers to follow your tweets and give them incentives for doing so. Many businesses offer secret code words via tweets which act as a passcode for extra discounts. You can also provide giveaways by selecting at random from your current twitter followers. Remember to chart which marketing methods from twitter are the most successful for your business.

    Keep your tweets exciting and frequent. People want to see something new when they check to see what is being tweeted. The more you post the more people see you, and donít be afraid to ask current followers to retweet your messages. Donít forget this is all free advertising for your business, and it will add exponentially to those who see your postings.

    Twitter can be great for your business, but not if it isnít done effectively. When tweeting for your business, personalize your tweets. Generic messages sent to everyone seem insincere and are reminiscent of spam. People will not take the time to read such things.

    Linking people to products for sale needs to be done tactfully. Sending people to look at a blog tends to be a more effective way of pushing traffic toward such sites. Blogs usually contain more detailed information anyway. If you want to build your business and client base, twitter can be a wonderful resource at a next-to-nothing cost, so be sure not to waste the opportunity.





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