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    Great Usernames Help Gain Followers

    August 30, 2013 - Author: webmaster - Comments are closed

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    Using twitter is a lot more interesting and enjoyable when you have a lot of followers, especially when they respond to your tweets. One important idea to Free Twitter Followers is having a good username that will call attention to you and set you apart from the rest. Look at some of the following ideas on selecting a great username for your twitter account.

    Length is important! Just because twitter allows usernames of up to 15 characters doesn’t mean that you need to fill them all. Don’t forget, people who want to retweet your comments need to be able to fit your whole username into the tweet. Lengthier usernames are also more difficult for people to remember and keep track of.

    It’s a good idea to have your username contain at least a portion of your real name. Using your first and last name as your username is great because it makes it easier for followers to remember, but it isn’t always possible, as people sometimes have the same first and surname as others. When that is not possible, try using your first or last name with an adjective that describes you.

    It’s important to try to be unique so that your username shows who you are. Avoid using numbers as this has become a common practice of spammers and can imply that you are spamming.    If you are trying to attract more followers you need to find a username that describes who you are as a person. Sometimes using your hobbies or professions do well to describe you, especially if you are using your twitter account to make professional contacts.

    Many people are now using their usernames as SEO opportunities. This is really quite clever as it can raise your likelihood of being found during web searches. If the twitter account is for your business, include your business name. Include your name as well if you will be the only one with access to the twitter account.

    When making your username with twitter, avoid suggested alternatives to name you’ve tried to use that were already taken. Twitter will suggest a list of usernames that are similar to the one that is already being used, using random numbers and other personal details about yourself, such as your name. These suggestions are almost never edgy enough to attraction attention.

    Don’t use names “out of the blue” either. “CatLover87” may sound great in the three seconds it took you to think of it, but if you’re trying to use your account to teach people about the benefits of organic foods, you’ve lost a great opportunity to attract followers who may be interested in what you have to say.

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