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    The Best Way to Use Promoted Tweets

    August 22, 2015 - Author: webmaster - Comments are closed

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    Currently, twitter has more than 100 million users and generates more than 1.6 billion search queries per day. Based on this finding, many business owners are finding promoted tweets to be a lucrative advertisement option. The promise, with this advertisement option, is to reach high engaged and quality, massive audience. However, inappropriate use of this advertisement option will not generate the desired results.  As opposed to auto retweet services, you will need a strategy to succeed with promoted tweets.

    Post Quality Content

    If you have decided to use promoted tweets, you need to ensure that you post content that is of high quality, is informative and inspirational. Additionally, you have to ensure that the content you post is not sales oriented.  Again, you have to remember that starting promoted tweets is the beginning of a long time conversation, thus you have to mind the type of content you post.

    Own a Hashtag

    Using promoted teets is a good way of using hashtags. You should consider owning a new hashtag for your products or an upcoming event. Provided that you have quality content, owning a hashtag will ensure that your content will be share through the hashtag. Additionally, you should use automatic retweet services from the leading providers to further enhance the effectiveness of your promoted tweets.


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