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    Use Contests to Market Your Brand on Instagram

    July 24, 2015 - Author: webmaster - Comments are closed

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    When used as marketing tools, contests or competitions can be valuable marketing tools on Instagram. Since its inauguration, many business owners, both small start-up and large corporations, have been using instagram to reach more potential customers and stay in touch with their current clients. In so doing, many entrepreneurs have been relying on auto likes to move their businesses to the next level. In addition to automatic likes, you can also use competitions, in the form of photo contests or video contests, to reach more customers and advertise your brand.

    To take advantage of contests and effectively market your brand, you first have to encourage the participants to follow your account. By so doing, the contest participants will increase your follower base significantly; hence increase the authority and credibility of your brand on Instagram. Additionally, you will need to consider the following things:

    1. Crowd-Shooting/ Crowd-Sourcing

    You have to request users to submit videos or pictures in real time. While doing this, you should come up with a theme that is specific to your brand and the hashtag of the competition should incorporate your brand name. This imprints the brand name in the pictures and helps circulate it for a considerable time to come.

    1. Using A Hashtag

    The hash tags you come up with for your contests must include the name of your brand. You may as well leverage this and request users to register. This will, in turn, increase contacts to your mailing list.

    1. Buy auto likes

    While many business owners may view this as in appropriate, buying auto likes is an important step in marketing your business. This will increase the number of likes and followers on your account, hence make the account more credible to your potential clients.

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